Tuesday, April 2, 2013

April 2, 2013

Dear Family

     So sorry that I am writing a day later. We have been with the Smith's and helping them get settled in here. But I am emailing today so no worries. Sounds like everyone had a great Easter. I am really sad that I wasn't able to be a participant in the annual egg hunt. Really sad about that one. But Easter here was just like another day. We had a great church meeting and we were able to meet with some members. We spent most of the day with the Smith's. I had a great Easter.
     Ufa now has a new senior couple and they are AWESOME! To be completely honest I have fallen in love with them. Elder Smith used to be a big time dentist and he has now got me re-interested in pursuing a carreer in the fielf of dentistry. Sister Smith is just a bundle of joy. She is so sweet and is just smiling all the time. She has no evil in her. They remind me a lot of Grandma and Grandpa. I love being with them.
     This last week has just been a very busy week for Elder Young and I. We flew into Yekat last wednesday and then on Thursday we picked up the Smith's. We took them to Ufa on a train. They loved the train ride back to Ufa. They have served 2 other missions one in Cambodia and the other one in Malyasia. So they are pretty experienced. We got back to Ufa on Friday and then had a zone lunch at the bakery accross the street and then had a great zone meeting. They treated the whole zone!!! Elder Young and I have literally been with them this whole time. It has been the funnest couple of days. Elder and Sister Smith are some really great people.
     We had a really fun day yesterday with the Smith's. It actually was my companions birthday. So they took us to mcdonalds for his birthday. It was so tasty. I am glad that my companion had a birthday. We also took them grocery shopping. After shopping we went to a family home evening at a members. It was really fun. We had all the missionaries and then we had cake and then went and played soccer in the snow. It was really dangerous. I slipped on the ice and went to soften the fall but the palm of my hand slid on some rigged ice and sliced my hand open. Luckily someone had a handkerchief and they tied my hand up and continued to play some soccer. It was really fun. My hand is pretty beat up though ha.
     Today we are gettin on a train to Yekat for ZL council. We are going to be doing a lot of traveling this week. I have a lot of train time this week. But i am super excited for Zl council.
     I was very glad that on Sunday we were able to remember the Atonement and Ressurection of the Lord. I am so thankful that Christ rose on the third day and has given us the opportunity to rise. It is going to be a spectacular moment to be able to have a perfect body. I am so thankful that we can all rise and recieve a perfect body. Family thank you for all that you do for me. I am so thankful for all of the support you give me.    I love you.
Elder Flitton
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