Saturday, April 7, 2012

Zone Conf.

       This last week was such a blessing. We Kurgan Elders got on a train on Tuesday morning and headed to Yekaterinburg for Zone Conference. I really enjoy train rides to Yekaterinburg. The Russian country side is so beautiful. There are a lot of tiny forests and a lot of hills. They don't have mountains like we do in Utah. When I show people pictures of home they see the mountains in the back ground and they think they are so awesome. I miss the mountains back home. We got to Yekaterinburg at about noon and we headed over to the branch building. It was nice to see all of the other missionaries. I was able to see Elder Hronek and catch up with him. I was able to see some of my friends from my district in the MTC. It was good to see other missionaries. My interview with my mission president wasn't until 5 so I had a lot of time to talk to the other Elders.
        Finally my time came to meet with President. When I saw him, he gave me a huge hug. That was the best hug that I have ever had in a while. My mission President is the best. He does so much for this mission. This mission is going in the right direction because of his dilligence and wisdom. My interview went great with him. It was exactly what I needed. He gave me the wisest counsel. I know that my mission President is called of God. After my interview we made the trip to MC Donalds. We dont have a MC donalds in Kurgan so the taste of a Big Mak was heaven on the tongue. Maybe it is a good thing that we dont have a MC donalds in Kurgan. Oh ya the taste of fries gave me chills because they tasted so good ha. After MC D's we stayed the night at the Assistants house. There apartment is so big. I am way jelaous.
The next day came and we had Zone Conf. The main topic was on the Book of Mormon. The teaching was inspiring and the testimonies that were shared, strengthened my own testimony. I know that the Book of Mormon is the words of God. He loves us so much that he gave us this Book. I know that if you lay the Book of Mormon in front of you and kneel and pray to Heavenly Father and thank him for this book, and ask him for help with anything. You can open it anywhere and start reading from it and find your anwser. I have tried it and it works. I know with every cell in my body that this book is true. It is the only book on this planet that can bring us closer to our Heavenly Father. I say to all READ THE BOOK.
Zone Conference was exactly what I needed. To finish it off we got mail. I got my package from Tracie Nielsen finally. Thank you so much for the package. That will definately come in handyhere in Siberia. The Starbursts are gone also haha. If someone wants to send me a package I am not against Starbursts haha
We got back from Yeakterinbug and got back to work. I had my first lesson in English with a new investigator. Her name is Dasha. She speaks really good english and wants to help us with English club. We wanted to teach her but she wasnt very interested. We somehow got to talking about the Restoration. It was one of the most spiritual meetings that I have had. She agreed to everything that we were saying. I know that she felt the spirit. We invited her to read the Book of Mormon and she declined. My heart was broken. I thought without a doubt that she was going to want to know more. I came away from that meeting kind of in the slumps. When I got home I opened up the scriptures and started to read. My heart was calmed and I knew that my Heavenly Father was giving me comfort. Not everyone will accept Christ. They need to do it on there own time, when they are ready. The Lord prepares people to hear and accept the gospel in very different ways. I just hope that one day Dasha will call us back. The Lord knows and it is our responsibility to follow Him and His counsel.
        Last week was so great. This week is Easter. I am going to miss going to Chandler's Grandmas house and having a Easter Egg hunt. You are never to old to go on a Easter Egg hunt. I am making Elder Weber hide eggs for me to find... Im being serious. I Love Elder Weber.
        Well just want to thank all for the emails and letters. All of the Ward members from back home. Thank you so much for your letters. They really mean a lot to me. Thank you all for your love and support.

     Elder Flitton

"I know that our Heavenly Father is loving, understanding, and patient. His Son, likewise loves us. They render help to us through Their prophets. I have learned that there is great safety in following the prophets."
         - Jose L. Alonso

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