Monday, April 22, 2013

April 22, 2013

Dear Family

Yes it is true, Spring time is here in Ufa. Today Elder Young and I went without suits. Let's just say that we got a lot of strange looks. It is about 23c right now. This is the first time that I have sweated in months ha. I love the feeling. I would pick summer over winter anytime. The snow is gone here in Ufa and the mud is also gone. Now it is just really dusty and dirty on the streets. But it is better than having -20c weather.
So this last Saturday us missionaries put on an activity for the branch. It was called how to strengthen families. We had a good amount of members come and a couple of investigators come so that was really good. The activity really helped some members understand the importance of families and how through families we find the greatest joy. I am so thankful that I got to bear my testimony there on how important my family is to me and how great families are. I really do miss you guys and throughout the whole activity I was thinking of you. I know that families really can be together for ever and that joy that we feel right now with each other can continue after this life. Thanks fam.
Well our investigators are doing good. B. Bryan is still trying really hard to change and Alexan is still way busy with school. We have been doing a lot of planning for them and figuring out what we need to do to help them better. We decided that we need to have more contact with them. So we have set the goal of texting them or calling them everyday to see how they are doing. This is going to be hard but I know that through this they will see the love that we have for them. I pray for them every day and I know that someday in the Lord's time they will come around.
So yesterday was a really great day for Elder Young and I. As we were walking down the street somebody drove by and honked and waved at us. This happens all the time back home to missionaries. This was the first time that anyone has ever done this to me on my mission. I was so happy for just that little kind act. If you see the missionaries on the street honk and wave to them. You never know if they might just be having a really hard day or something. This will make there day. Also I have never gone to a members house and been fed so much that I can't eat anymore. Well that happened last night. I have never been so full in my life ha. Goodness yesterday was a very unnormal day.
This Wedensday I have my last visa trip of my mission. I am kind of bummed about that but I have really been blessed to be able to travel and see other parts around the world. I am so grateful for the many times that I got to go to the Finland temple. I have made really good friends with some of the workers there. I am so grateful for all of the times that I got to go to TJI Friday's. I sure am going to miss getting together with all of my buds from the MTC and hanging out in the Airport for hours ha. I am so thankful for all of the great experiences that I had going on a visa trip. It sure has been a huge blessing.
Lately I have been studying about the love of God towards His children. The most thing that gets brought up is the Plan of Salvation. I am so thankful for this "Plan of Love". I am so grateful that God has given us the opportunity to become like Him. How this is possible, I have no idea but it is. Through the loving sacrifice of His Only Begotten Son we all have the opportunity to return to Him. I think the greatest thing about the Plan of Salvation is that we are promised to live with our families after this mortal life. I don't think that anyone can grasp what Eternity is. But God does and He wants us to be with Him and our families together for Eternity. Only through the Prophet Joseph Smith do we have the full knowledge of the Plan of Salvation. Thanks to him God revealed everything that we need to know so that we might receive this eternal happiness with our families. God loves us so much. We aren't simply here on earth to just live and die. With everything worth wile there is a purpose. Our lives are worth wile so therefore there should be a purpose. God has given us purpose and that is the Plan of Salvation. Glory be to God for his unending love towards us.
Family I love you so much. Thank you so much for your support. I need it as my time is running out here on the mission. I am so thankful for this experience that has been given to me. It has changed not just my testimony but my life. There is a clear purpose which I have come to understand and I thank you for helping me understand that. I love you all.
Elder Flitton

Keaton sent me this photo of him and a member named Max. He is also a rock star and have our Elder Flitton one of his CDs. Who is excited to hear that in a few short months?!

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