Monday, June 10, 2013

June 10, 2013

Dear Family

  Hello family!  Sounds like last week was quite the week for everyone.  That is a good thing that school is out and summer is here.  The weather sounds so nice back home.  Lately it has been raining and just gloomy and cloudy.  Soon summer will be here ha.  I keep tellingmyself that.
  Katie that is so awesome that you have graduated.  Was it what you thought it would be like?  Where did you go out to dinner.  That is pretty cool that you went to bear lake.  I am really jelaous.  I miss swimming so much ha it isn't funny.
  That is pretty funny about Cam and Gar.  Did the family just notice?  Are you guys getting all ready for your mission.  Your time is counting down!!! I am sure that it is hard to sleep at night because all you canthink about is your mission.  Little bit of advice.  Enjoy sleep right now.  Becuase you are going to want to do it a lot on yourmission.  There is no such thing as nap time onthemision ha.
  So last week was a very busy week.  On Monday night Elder Allred and I were taking a bus to Kurgan.  As we were leaving the city we got hit by a car... Nothing serious but it delayed our traveling.  We waited for 2 hours for another bus to come and pick us up.  The next bus was already super full so I had to sit with a grandmother who had a baby with her.  I swear kids are attracted to me.  The 5 hour bus ride was me trying to entertain a baby.  If I didn't the baby had a temper tantrum.  So it was quite the ride.
  So when you travel especially in Russia it is required tohave your passport.  To get on a train you haveto show your passport.  Well I forgot my passport back in Tyumen.  I had to sweet talk my way onthe train.  Luckily I got on and we made our way to Yekat.  When we got to Yekat I said goodbye to Elder Allred and I headed to the mission office for Mission Leadership Council.  It was at the mission office because the mission home is being remodeled.  So had council at the office.  It was really good to see everyone.  There are a lot of new zone leaders.  For dinner President Rust rented out a restaurant and we all ate there.  It was pretty awesome.  President likes to spoil us.  
  After council I got on a train back to Kurgan and then the next day Elder Wimber and I took a bus back to Tyumen.  This last week was a lot of traveling.  We got back on Thursday.  I was so tired.
  Elder Wimber is doing great.  We have been pretty good friends throughout our missions.  He is a transfer younger than me so we were in the mtc together.  We also were in Perm together.  We are pretty good friends.  He is from Georgia but his family moved to Oregon while he has been on the mission.  His mom actually knows Uncle Greg.  Her name is Jennifer Bagnell.  Small world... Maybe Uncle Greg remembers her.  But Wimber and I are doing great.
  I have been so grateful for the opportunity that has been given me to be able to serve here in Tyumen.  I love this place so much.  Lately I have been thinking about the purpose of my life.  I can look back and see a lot of things that I have accomplished.  I canalso look back and see things that I wish I would have done different.  Life has such a more bigger meaning than just living and working and playing.  I feel so bad for people that think that life is the end.  That we come here and die and that is it.  Really we are given this opportunity to live and to become perfect each and every day.  To be a little better than the person we were yesterday.  I am so thankful that God has given us a path.  It is a bummer that most people have wondered off the path.  I am so grateful for all that have stayed on the path.  Remain because the path really does lead to happiness.  Life is to short to be mad and angry.  Live your life with a smile and be optimistic and you will truly understand the purpose of life.  
  Family I love you so much.  Thank you so much for everyhting that you do for me.  Grandma, Grandpa and Jen that would be great.  Just let me know when my dad has it.  Anything you want???  I love you all!
Elder Flitton

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