Monday, August 19, 2013

"Big 21" August 19, 2013.

Dear Family

  Well I am  21!   Thanks for putting some money on my account.  Good thing that clubs here in Russia are pretty cheap to get into...Jk For my birthday we went to the restaurant Don Julios.  The only mexican restaurant in Tyumen ha.  It was really good but doesn't compare to LaPuente or Cancun Cafe.  Also it was pretty lame because they don't do free chips and salsa...I kind of complained to the waiter that this isn't a real mexican restaurant if you don't do chips and salsa ha.  I Invited Sveta and also our investigator Serafima to dinner with us.  Serafima gave me a birthday present...She got me a model ship ha.  I have no idea how I am going to get it home.  She is so awesome.  I will talk about her more in this email.  Just want to say thanks to everyone for wishin me a happy birthday.  It was really fun and i will always remember it.
  Last week was a very eventful week with my birthday and also a lot of other things.  On sunday I had to conduct sacrament meeting because the branch presidency wasn't there ha.  It was kind of nerve racking but it went smooth and all of the people that were supposed to give talks showed up so I didn't have to stand up and give an emergency talk ha.  Our branch presidency took vacations.  Except our 2 councilor... he is kind of Less Active, he is also our mission corrdinator ha so it kind of makes working with the branch difficult but oh well.  
  Last week Elder Wimber and I blew our breaker box ha.  Our hot water has beeen shut uff for the last month so we have been using our hot water heater so we don't have to take freezing cold showers in the morning ha.  Well it uses a lot of electricity and it blew our breaker ha.  Our landlord came over the next day with the electrician and kind of fixed it.  They will be coming back this week to fix the whole thing.  We went with out electricity for a day and it was awful ha.  We are so blessed to have electricity.  I don't know how the pioneers did it.  
  I guess the biggest news is that Serafima has a baptismal date for the 7th of September!  Last week she accepted it.  We are so excited for her.  It was such a great lesson.  She has a lot in front of her but we know that the Lord is on her side.  We just have to help her out and guide her the best we can.  Please continue to pray for her.  She needs it.
  I can't believe that i have exactly a month left.  The time sure is counting down really fast.  Next week is already Zone Conf.  President Malm from the seventy is coming.  It will be on Tuesday and on Monday we have Mission leadership council.  I am really excited.  this will be my last Zone Conf.  It is just crazy to think about.  I sure have enjoyed this mission.  It has brought me so much joy.  I still have a month left and this month is going to be teh most eventful.  I am excited.
  Family I love you and everyone else that reads these emails.  thank you so much for everything and all of the support.  your love is surely felt here in Siberia.  Love you all!  
Elder Flitton

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