Monday, July 1, 2013

New Man in the chair. July 1, 2013

Dear Family

  Wow sounds like the weather back home has heated up a lot.  That is crazy that it has been 100.  I am sure that our front lawn is destroyed...ha.  Just have Anna go out and water it everyday.  It is not like she is doing anything.  Give her some jobs around the house.  It will help her :)
  I can't belive that the twins will be leaving in a couple of weeks.  That is crazy that they will be giving there farewell talks in  two weeks.  Did you guys get all of your neccessary shots.  Got to watch out for those zombie dogs that attack people.  Good thing that you guys played soccer so hopefully you can out run them.  If you want some practice just go down to my house and take your shoes off and shove your toes in Rosies mouth...I think then you will be more than ready haha.
  So last week President Rust hopped on a plane back to America.  I think they are really excited to go back to their own country.  They have been in Russia for like 14 years.  That is a really long time.  I think that Sister Rust was really ready to go home and see all of her grandkids.  They are two very special people.  I have really enjoyed having the opportunity to be able to serve with them.  
  The big news on the streets is that we have a new mission President.  I haven't met him yet unfortuntaetly.  I guess he invited all of the missionaries serving in Yekat over to the mission home.  I heard that he is pretty awesome.  I guess he has to be, being the former owner of Energy Solutions and part owner of Frankling Covey ha.  I am kind of nervous to meet him.  But in about a week I will have the opportunity to.
  This last Sunday we watched the broadcast of the church leadership training.  We had to watch it in Russian but it was awesome because I understood everything.  It was awesome just to hear the words in Russian and in the same time feel the spirit.  I honestly cryed when they showed those little movie segments.  Gave me a lot more motiviation as my mission winds down.  Also I don't think that our mission will enforce those new internet things yet.  We will be a little later.  But that was a pretty cool announcement.
  Last week Elder Wimber and I had the adventure of our lives.  We got a call about two weeks ago from a member in the city of Surgut.  They don't have a branch there because not enough people.  So all they have is a group.  But the leader of the group called us and said that there was a member that lives in the Tyumen county and was wondering if we could go visit her.  I told her yes and she gave me her address.  Well I got my map out and checked out where she lived.  She lives 2 hours out of the city of Tyumen in a village called Bobylova.  So this week Elder Wimber and I and the greatest member in Tyumen went out and visited her.  BTW the best member in Tyumen, her name is Sveta, she is awesome.  So we had to go to the the bus station to buy bus tickets.  We then hopped on a bus for about two hours.  We finally got off in a very small city in the middle of no where and then we had to take a taxi for about 30 minutes to the village.  It was so awesome.  We finally got to the village and had a meeting with this member.  She was so happy to see us.  She started to cry when we walked up to the door.  Our meeting was so spiritual and she invited her husband and her neighbor to hear us teach.  Let's just say that we are going back next week to teach them.  When we left she started to cry.  Gosh it was so awesome.  I will never forget that adventure.  
  From that experience I was able to strengthen my testimony.  I am so thankful that no matter where you are in the world, God the Father of our spirits is there to watch over you.  The spirit can be felt anywhere.  I am so thankful that I was able to help this member feel the sweet spirit again. I know with all of my heart that Jesus Christ is the Saviour of the world.  He is a God and He was the God of the Old Testament.  He created worlds and universes but He decided to come to this world and perform the most loving act ever thought of or ever imagined.  The Atonement is perfect and it happened.  I love my Saviour and my Redeemer for that single act of love.  
  Mom or Katie or Anna, whoever knows how to send pictures through email.  I have one favor to ask of you.  I noticed that I don't have a picture of our family standing by the temple.  Could you please send me a picture of us as a family standing by the temple.  I want to put it on my study desk.  It can be old or new I don't care just please send me one through email.  thanks
  I love you all and hope that you have a great week.  Steven Daniels HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! you sure are getting old.  Also everyone enjoy the 4th.  If you want you could barbeque me a hamburger and then just give it to maggy.  And then barbeque me a hot dog and then give that to Rosie.  Ha I am so jelaous I won't be home for the 4th.  Well enjoy it!  love you all.
Elder Flitton

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