Thursday, August 1, 2013

August? July 31, 2013

Dear Family
  I can't believe that July has come and gone.  It felt like it was just yesterday when Elder Wimber and I were going to get BBQ for his birthday.  July has been a really great month.  It has been a really fun month as well.  I have really enjoyed my time here in Tyumen with Elder Wimber.  We have grown pretty close. 
  I was able to get an email from Cameron.  Sounds like he is doing great.  He shared an experience when he had to teach his investigator in spanish the first week.  That brought back some funny memories of me trying to say a couople of words in Russian to our investigaor my first week of the mtc.  Also is he in Provo or is he already in South America?  I don't remember.
  This week has already been a very busy week for Elder Wimber and I.  On Sunday we took a bus to Kurgan and then on monday morning I got on a train heading to Yekat.  I got back to Kurgan yesterday and then today got back to Tyumen on a bus.  I am exhausted right now from all of the traveling.  This is my Pday so after this I am going to take a little nap ha.
  Mission Leadership Council was really good.  President Christensen is a great leader.  We did a lot of practicing teaching and all that other fun stuff that missionaries do.  It was really good to see everyone.  A couple of my really close buds are headed home next week.  It was kind of sad to say goodbye to them.  It is really weird to say good bye to someone that you have grown so close to and especially if you served with them.  This mission is changing a ton.  I am kind of at an akward age on the mission.  My group is the next set of missionaries to go home.  This is my last transfer... Isn't that weird.  I kind of had a slap to the face by reality last night.
  Our investigators are doing great.  Serafima is doing well.  She is kind of difficult to work with sometimes because she just has so many different beliefs but we are being very patient with her and letting her accept it in her own time and the Lord's time.  Masha is doing really good.  Last week we talked to her abou the plan of Salvation.  She loved it.  Both of our investigators have been coming to church every week so things are just going great. Thanks for all of you prayers and faith.
  The other day I was reading a talk by President Uchtdorf.  It is my favorite and you all probably have read it but it is called Forget me not.  My favorite part of his talk is when he talks about the story of Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory.  This is one of my most favorite movies.  I love the story line and also the meaning of it.  Pres. Uchtdorf talks about the doctrine of gratitude and living your life to the fullest.  I remember reading this talk at the beginning of my mission and reading it now at the end of my mission I really have come to appreciate enjoying the small aspects of life.  We all know the story of charlie and how he loved so much the simple satisfaction of the taste of chocolate.  He cherished opening the wrapper and eating the chocolate.  When Wonka decided to have his competition we know that people ignored the simple satisfying taste and just wanted that golden ticket.  Now I know that everyone is guilty with this.  For example "I can't wait until I become a owner of a company, then I will be happy", or I can't wait until I graduate, then i will be free.  I have found myself thinking and saying this.  When I look back an can truly see the simple joys.  I wish that I could always take a situation and make the best of it.  The cool thing is, is that it is possible.  Enjoy the journey and enjoy the time.  I will never forget the rides to Cali and us children would always say, " are we there yet" ha.  The Lord has given us this life to enjoy it.  Take every minute of every hour of everyday and enjoy it.  Last of his remarks that I love is don't forget to be patient with yourself.  Don't be to hard on yourself.  We are all mortals and we make mistakes.  All we need to is just get back up from our falls and dust of our knees and keep walking forward.  God loves us and I know that with all of my heart.  He is patient with us so therefor we must be patient with ourselves.
  Family I love and miss you so much.  I hope that you all have a great week.  Remember that September 18th is going to come really fast...So enjoy the time that you have before I get home haha. I love you.
Elder Flitton

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